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July 28, 2015

Tony Moly’s packaging may be cute and adorable, but what really sets this skincare brand apart is the effectiveness of their products.

Tony Moly is a South Korean skincare brand that first opened up shop in 2009. They recently launched their first U.S. site, making their adorable products available to the masses. We were lucky enough to get the chance to try out some of them and we’re totally smitten. Here’s a complete list of our faves!

I’m Real Mask

tony moly

$1.99 each

These sheet masks are a steal at just $1.99. There are eleven variations to choose from, each tailored to target one’s individual skincare needs. Whether you’re experiencing a breakout or your skin could use some soothing, there’s an I’m Real mask for everyone. Our favorites include the Red Wine Pore Core mask and the Lemon Brightening mask. We found both to be deeply hydrating, leaving our skin looking and feeling renewed.

My Little Pet Eye Patch

tony moly


The hamster on the front of this hydrogel eye patch was enough to make me squee with delight. Even if the product didn’t deliver it would still get two thumbs up from me because, duh, Hamster! He even has his own little story on Tony Moly’s website. It reads: “I’m tiny little hamster. I love to have a nap, and I can always take out and eat sunflower seeds from my cheek pocket.” His. Cheek. Pocket. What makes this story extra adorable is that the eye mask is actually infused with sunflower seed extract to brighten eyes and reduce puffiness. I think it goes without saying that I’m completely obsessed with everything about this mask. It has quickly become my go-to on those days when I’d love to have myself a nap, sleepily eat sunflower seeds from my cheek pocket, and repeat.

Delight Shaking Tint

tony moly

$15.99 each

This lip tint packs a pigmented punch that lasts all day. It comes in Real Pink, Red, and Orange. Personally, I’m a fan of Real Pink (pictured above) because it’s fun and flirty. While deeply pigmented, this lip color is still subtle enough to make people think your lips are just naturally gorgeous. If you’re all about that bee-stung look give Red a whirl, you won’t be disappointed.

Petite Bunny Gloss Bar

tony moly

$8.99 each

These lip glosses are so charming I almost can’t handle it. Just look at those little bunny faces, oh wait — it looks like some of them are grumpy and one of them is definitely throwing me some serious side-eye. Because the packaging of these glosses features various degrees of happiness and annoyance, I like to pick the bunny that best reflects my mood and rock that shade all day.

Snail Gel Mask

tony moly



This Snail Gel Mask is made, in part, of snail slime. This “slime” is called mucin and it’s actually more like snail guts. For some reason I have to deal with mucin almost daily. My garden is filled with snails and I’m lucky to make it three days without accidentally stepping on and crushing one of them. I always feel awful when this happens both because I’ve hurt an innocent little bugger and also because the sound of their shell’s crunching is super gross. Sorry, snails!

Mucin (that has not been derived from the bottom of my shoe) has become increasingly popular in skin care products. Before you write it off, consider that it fades acne scars, smoothes skin, and offers up deep hydration. Together, all of those benefits create a revitalized, clear complexion. When I first applied this mask it was a little weird knowing there were snail guts on my face, but it was totally worth it for better looking, healthier skin. After removing the mask, my face felt super hydrated and it had a nice healthy glow. Thanks, snails!

Check out Tony Moly’s new website to see everything this playful brand has to offer.

Head over to our Beauty section to see more of our favorite products


Ani Palen
Editorial Director

Ani Palen lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in a charming little apartment with her long-haired miniature dachshund Lacey. When she's not acting as Spa Week's resident guinea pig, getting Botox and whatnot in the name of research, Ani enjoys reading tarot cards for friends and studying true crime mysteries until she's too scared to sleep with the lights off.

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